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In continuous efforts over years, PegBio Co. has developed proprietary methods of synthesis of mPEGs and their derivatives.  mPEGs manufactured vary in molecular weight (2-50 kDa) and structures.  In addition to production of linear and branched multi-armed PEGs current available on the market, the Company has also developed a new method to produce proprietary multiple branched PEGs (patents: ZL 02101672.0 and US 7,144,978 B2).  The Company’s PEGs manufactured are characterized at high quality such as precise molecular weight (difference from target molecular weight < 10%), lower polydispersivity (PDI < 1.05) and less diol content (< 3%), low costs, and high production capacity (>200 kg/year).  Moreover, the Company has effective and well-fined organic chemistry methods to produce a series of PEG derivatives such as mPEG-SC, mPEG-SS, mPEG-Mal and mPEG-Aldehyde, as activation groups for further PEGylation.  The activation rate for these PEG derivatives are usually more than 80%.

The following are figures of PEGs analyses derived from PegBio Co.’s products and other company’s products.

GPC and MS analysie of the PEG produced in PegBio


GPC analysis of the PEG manufactured from the other company


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