PB-119 a long-acting GLP-1 receptor agonist

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  • PB-119 is a long-acting GLP-1 receptor agonist developed by PegBio. The phase II clinical trials of PB-119 for type 2 diabetes mellitus have been completed in China and US. The trial results demonstrated that PB-119 has remarkable effects on reducing HbA1c levels with potential benefit in weight loss and overall improvement in lipid metabolic profiling. In addition, patients receiving PB-119 treatment show good safety profile. Results from the China phase II clinical study were published in the Diabetologia in 2020.

    PB-119 is currently undergoing multiple phase III clinical trials in China, including PB-119 alone and in combination with metformin, basal insulin, or SGLT-2 inhibitor, respectively, for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus. The cardiovascular outcome trial in patients with type 2 diabetes has also been approved by the CDE.

    PB-119 is intended for single-dose administration without dose titration. Along with the use of an automated disposable pen injector, PB-119 possesses the advantage of the convenience of usage that will significantly improve the quality of life of million diabetic patients.

  • PB-119是经过聚乙二醇定点修饰而成的GLP-1受体激动剂。充分保留了GLP-1受体激动剂的作用,包括改善胰岛β细胞功能,葡萄糖依赖性促进胰岛素分泌,低血糖风险低;诱导胰岛β细胞新生和增殖,并抑制细胞凋亡,从而增加胰岛β细胞数量;此外,因为GLP-1受体在多种组织细胞上均有表达,通过多种信号途径,介导广泛的生物功能,包括延缓胃排空、抑制肝糖输出、增加心脏输出、心血管保护等作用。同时,由于PB-119是经过聚乙二醇修饰过的GLP-1受体激动剂,而具有更长的半衰期,在平衡了活性,清除率和安全性的同时达到药物长效化的目的。
  • 1) 一周一次给药,减少用药频率,提升依从性
    2) 无需剂量滴定,使用简便
    3) 潜在降脂获益

  • 基于PB-119在I期及II期临床研究中展现的显著的降糖效果和良好的耐受性, 该产品已于2020年4月获得NMPA批准在中国开展III期临床研究。