PB-722 GCG receptor agonist

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  • Congenital hyperinsulinemia, a rare hereditary disease, has been included in the First List of Rare Diseases in China. However, there is still no safe and effective drug for congenital hyperinsulinemia in China.

    PB-722 is a long-acting glucagon receptor agonist for the treatment of congenital hyperinsulinemia and has been granted orphan drug designation by the FDA. The drug has been proved to be safe in multiple animal models and has been confirmed to be effective in elevating and maintaining blood glucose levels in the animal model of hypoglycemia.

    The IND application of PB-722 in US is in preparation.

  • PB-722是一款长效的胰高血糖素受体激动剂,能促进肝糖原分解提高血糖水平,从而治疗先天性高胰岛素血症患者的低血糖症状。

  • (1)    已在多种动物模型中证明了药物安全性,并在低血糖动物模型中证实其可有效提高并维持血糖水平

    (2)    已获得FDA孤儿药资格认定

  • 目前PB-722正在申报美国IND的准备中。